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STAND OUT with compelling marketing tools for careers and small business, including professional resume writing service, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and professional biographies. Complete professional resume writing service includes coaching for job search best practices and ongoing consultation as needed.

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Test Your Résumé


Test Your Résumé I.Q.

Are you frustrated by poor response to your résumé?

This make-or-break marketing tool stands between you and the interview, and 98% of self-prepared résumés lack several critical ingredients.

Take this quiz to evaluate whether your résumé is ready for competition. You'll score one point for each box you check. Results below.

  •     My résumé is packed with industry-specific language and crucial keywords.

  •     My résumé shows potential employers not only what I have done, but how well I have done it.

  •     My résumé contains superior grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation.

  •     My résumé uses varied action verbs and powerful marketing phrases.

  •     My résumé is well-targeted with a branded headline that declares my field of expertise.

  •     My résumé emphasizes how my skills and professional qualities will contribute to employer objectives.

  •     My résumé engages the reader from the outset and maintains interest throughout the document.

  •     My résumé eliminates grandiose or repetitive job descriptions and insignificant tasks.

  •     My résumé uses white space in an eye-catching, inviting, and original design (not a template).

  •     My résumé is optimized and formatted for presentation, uploading, and email distribution.

  •     My résumé provides a synopsis of my qualifications that can be read in less than twenty seconds.

  •     My résumé minimizes my potential weaknesses and turns negative red flags into positive assets.

  •     My résumé uses the most effective organizational strategy for my situation.

  •     My résumé uses compelling CAR (Challenge, Action, Result) statements.

  •     My résumé uses proven marketing techniques to sell my unique brand to employers.

13-15 Points:

Congratulations! Your résumé writing abilities appear to be sound. You might want to avail yourself of a professional critique to be sure you didn’t miss anything important.

10-12 Points: 

You have some distinct abilities that will help you write a successful résumé. Leaving out some critical components, however, can cost you interviews. Having your résumé professionally crafted can help ensure optimal results.

If you have fewer than 10 points:  

You will miss many opportunities that may be perfect for you unless you have your résumé professionally prepared. Call 262.681.5682 to schedule your free, no obligation consultation or email me HERE.